Security and access control.
Protection of data, resources, networks and information systems.

Reliable technologies for e-Business and e-Government. Complete solutions and accompanying technical support for business information systems.

Sensitive multicomponent systems that manage accounts, IS access rights or access to work profiles in external mobile applications. Provides monitoring and continuous communication to systems for authentication, event analysis and personnel management.

Replace "perpetual" static passwords with an incomparably more reliable dynamic IT key.
Use two-factor authentication technology and access to information systems through a single control center and personal token devices.

Manage access to your information network and files. Protect your organization's data from intentional or careless transfer to flash sticks and other portable devices.

By building a reliable software gateway for access to servers, workstations, network devices, incl. cloud systems. Provide precisely controlled access to information systems for a specific period of time, with possible video recording of sessions.

Provides secure, authenticated access to work with web portals, systems and corporate applications of authorized employees and users. Builds a secure environment for working with a wide range of platforms and directory services.

How does the IT infrastructure work in your organization? Do you have a tool for analyzing the information events? Increase the reliability and optimize the performance of your information systems using a single monitoring and control center.

Design and construction of Web portals and Information systems.

Through systematic analysis, design and integration of proven technologies, we at INTEPRO will build for you a reliable, functional information system and a functioning web portal which to successfully present yourself on the Internet.

We will design and build for you a reliable technological and information environment and your own functional tools for attractive publication of information content on the Internet. We will train your team of webmasters and editors, and assist in the successful development of your web projects.

We will design and build for you a reliable technological and information environment for work in mobile and specialized groups. Your own information system for creating, storing, sharing and registering work files and official electronic documents.

Talk to us about all the issues you care about. Take advantage of our experience and technical knowledge. We will offer you a constructive working partnership and constantly high quality of the delivered solutions and services.

A comprehensive solution containing secure e-mail and functional tools for calendar planning, messaging, task and project management. The first step in building your own information environment for remote group work.

Provides measurement and accumulation of data in its own private cloud. Access to the meteo system and data can be done in a secure channel or on a public website.

High-tech IS for early detection, notification and forecasting of forest fires in areas of special importance. Provides the highest level of monitoring and automated analytical assessment in fire hazards.

Technology infrastructure
and Information environment

INTEPRO we use and implement technological solutions that reduce the complexity, vulnerability and cost of managing information resources, servers, networks and systems.

Reliable authorized online access to data and files at any time and through any mobile device. Shared group work with files and folders in a single, trusted environment.

By implementing document management information systems, you increase security, minimize paper costs and reduce pollution. Build a reliable environment, protect your files and electronic documents.

High-speed backup and recovery of data, servers, IS and virtual machines. High level of security and significant reduction of storage space. All this without side effects, and without the requirement for significant investment in hardware.

Innovative technologies. Increased productivity. Integrated management. Constantly high level of security. Through systematic analysis, design and implementation we will help you build your own unified information environment for work and development.

Designing, installing, integrating and properly starting the necessary virtual machines on a physical machine is a complex task. Virtualization in the hands of experts offers great opportunities.

Provide a reliable software resource for large DNS-DHCP-IPAM projects.
For Datacenter and large networks of diverse LAN infrastructures: IPv6, BYOD, DNS security (DNSSEC), virtualization, etc.