Strong authentication, highly secure, flexibility and ease of use

What you need:
Remote access to the office and network resources, as well as local access to operating systems, servers, applications, portals, security websites..

What we offer:
Replace insecure logon (username and static password) with highly secure strong authentication based on one-time password technology (OTP)

Systems containing large amounts of personal data must be sufficiently protected against possible online attacks. Most often they are kept only by a weak static password and non-observance of the recommendations to choose a complex combination of symbols that can be changed regularly. This greatly increases the ability of cybercriminals to penetrate user registrations and misappropriate with personal information using, for example, phishing attacks.

An effective step against hackers is two-factor authentication. These solutions provide the replacement of static passwords with more robust dynamic passwords that minimize the risk of password theft because they are valid for a short period of time and can only be used once. In this way, strict authentication provides access only to authorized users of protected applications, while being an easily accessible solution.

We provide solutions that ensure the security of sensitive information and e-business transactions of corporate business, e-commerce and e-government, using technologies, products and services for identification and security for e-business and e-government. Solutions and services are designed to eliminate the possibility of identity theft through Internet access, which in many cases is tantamount to financial losses.

We provide professionalism and experience to our clients in the banking sector by knowledge and know-how to build secure e-banking systems.

In connection to the changes which will be introduced by the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will apply directly in all EU Member States from May 2018, and will unify the data protection regulations among all members, we suggest as a first step, development of identification system, implementing group access policies and inventory of IT assets. You will have data on which analysis can be made, is there any processing of personal data and how it can be defended.

Two-factor authentication solution can be implemented with tokens, smart cards, phones, etc., plus management software.

Benefits of two-factor authentication solution:

  • One-Time Password - eliminates the risk of password theft
  • "Out - of - the - box" support - no additional programs are required
  • Easy to install, administer, and maintain
  • No software installation on client computers
  • It reduces the performance of administrators by eliminating the loss and / or forgetting of user passwords.
  • High return on investment.