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Virtualization for optimization
The power of technology and experience

Needs and opportunities!

Virtualization is an innovative software technology that rapidly changes IT and computing. Computer hardware is becoming more powerful and highly productive. This leaves a very large unused resource on the hardware machines. Virtualization sees and utilizes all available free resource - fully and productively.

Virtualization works for you - increases opportunities and optimizes costs.

Virtualization requires good preparation and technological expertise.
Designing, installing, integrating, and properly starting the required virtual machines on a physical machine is a complex task. Its right solution provides enormous opportunities for sharing and utilizing the entire available resource between different operating systems and applications at any given time.

Virtualization - a choice of technology!

VMware is the most widespread and proven virtualization environment. Corporate versions support remote access technologies, on-line migration of virtual and physical machines, dynamic control and balancing of computing resources, backup interfaces, and more. You work with the entire virtual environment lightly and comfortably, from a single graphical interface - through a central control console.

Another virtualization technology is XEN.
This is an open source product included in the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server distribution. It features a different from VMware concept, but it also has very good speed of work and a relatively low cost. Supports clustering, online virtual machine migration to other hardware, remote access to virtual machines, and more.

We at INTEPRO are a qualified team.
We have a certified engineers with experience in Linux and VMware to design and implement the virtualization technology that suits your needs.