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Our know-how and business proposition!

  • Implementation of efficient information technologies.
  • Providing the best conditions to our customers.
  • Building working solutions that quickly rebuild your investment.
  • Everyday work to satisfy the high trust of our customers and partners.

We at INTEPRO are a team that understands well that each organization strives to reduce the challenges and minimize the cost of solving them. That is why in our work we choose to rely on expertise and development.

Implemented web portals

Уеб сайта на Университетска Първа МБАЛ - София "Св. Йоан Кръстител", 2020


The Web Portal of Sofia Municipality, 2017-2020

In the first four months of 2020, the company actively cooperates and participates in updating of the already established Internet portal of Sofia Municipality.



Уеб сайта на Специализираният общински приватизационен фонд,
​​​​​​​СОПФ на Столична община


The ASPires project portal, 2017-2020


The website of NCITES, 2016-2020

National Cluster for Intelligent Transport and Energy Systems


The website ot Scientific and Applied Laboratory CIUU
​​​​​​​is part of the "Technical University - Sofia - Technologies Ltd", 2020


Building a successful web project requires:

  • Content, reliable technical environment and sufficient resources
  • Concept and strategy for editing, categorizing and presenting information
  • Adequate information architecture - structure and functionality, interface and navigation
  • Analysis of experience and development of the project over time.

Design and construction of a web portal

  • Analyzing the needs of the Employer and the competitive environment
  • Design according to needs and contemporary technical standards
  • Building a reliable solution within the scheduled time and budget
  • Fully functional use and development of the built web portal through quality training of the Employer's employees.

Our Business Offer!
Through our systematic analysis, design and integration of verified working technologies, we will build a reliable, functional and scalable web portal for you.

We will build a information system that will provide you with reliable and convenient means of presenting and operating your organization on the Internet.

INTEPRO presents Fabasoft eGov-Suitе
Information environment for Management and e-Business
Document management and access to team spaces for collaborative work

Managing IT resources. Needs - benefits

Talk to us about all the issues you care.
Take advantage of our experience in working with information resources and systems:

  • Technological analysis and consultation
  • IT training
  • The only authorized Micro Focus training center in Bulgaria
  • Complete solutions and technical support for corporate clients

Partnerships: Micro Focus, NetIQ, SUSE, Red Hat, Collabora, Catalogic Software, SSH Communications Security, Fabasoft, OneSpan (VASCO Data Security) and EfficientIP.

INTEPRO we a working and reliable partner. We always strive to achieve high quality.

We have established long-standing partnerships with industry-leading software vendors, including Micro Focus, NetIQ, SUSE, Red Hat, Collabora, Catalogic Software, SSH Communications Security, Fabasoft, OneSpan (VASCO Data Security) and EfficientIP. Our solutions are based mainly on software components from these high-tech companies.

Linux openSUSE distribution - a working solution!

  • Clear European descent.
  • Unique Linux Technology.
  • Tested and optimized software distributions.
  • Reliable work, flexibility and great opportunities.

By working with us, you will be sure that:

  • Twenty years of experience matter.
  • The good interconnection between technology infrastructure and information services builds a quality more reliable work and development environment.
  • Systematic analysis, design and implementation protect resources and expand opportunities.

Meteorological measuring system and database
Provides measurement, accumulation, and publisher of data in a private cloud.