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Intelligent Data Protection
Backup and Recovery

Rapid, low-impact backup Instant recovery-in-place Disk, tape & cloud

Data protection is constantly evolving given the changing IT infrastructure. Organizations express frustration at the increasing costs of conventional solutions that no longer meet their needs and don’t scale with new infrastructure technologies such as virtualization, convergence, big data, flash storage and cloud.

Backups are not getting done on time. Recovery takes too long. Administrators are driven to use multiple solutions to solve specific problems. Disaster recovery is complex and unreliable. Copies of data are proliferating the storage infrastructure and in turn, those copies are backed up and replicated. Costs of managing all of this copy data are exploding.

What’s needed is a single product that addresses these challenges while delivering ease of use and cost savings. That product is the offered solution which integrates copy data services – such as backup, disaster recovery, and bare metal recovery – to significantly improve backup and recovery performance as well as manage data growth. It stores instantly mountable snapshots, simplifying data protection and reducing operational costs. Those snapshots can be used for testing, development, reporting, analytics and data mining.

The software solution offers broad platform compatibility with customer’s network’s hardware, applications, and databases. It also integrates with the applications to ensure data integrity and enables immediate recovery. Any of recovery points can be used to recover at the granular level, the application level, or the entire server level.

The offered solution eliminates multiple products with one solution integrating backup, disaster recovery, bare metal recovery, analytics, test/development and copy data management integrates

Key featuires:

  • Fast and reliable low-impact backup for physical and virtual environments
  • Direct access to data images for near-instant restore
  • Frequent backups and rapid restore are the best insurance against ransomware
  • Supports disk, tape and cloud as backup destinations
  • Full support for NDMP backups for NetApp, EMC Isilon, etc.
  • Easy object-level recovery for Exchange emails, SharePoint objects, SQL Server tables, etc.
  • Bare Metal Recovery to restore physical servers, as well as P2V, V2V and V2P recovery

Benefits of Backup and Restore solution:

  • Reduce backup time from hours to minutes
  • Reduces backup impact and network traffic by 90% or more
  • Restore files, volumes, applications and entire servers in minutes
  • Supports physical and virtual servers, disk and tape
  • Reduces or eliminates copies of data
  • Utilizes patented zero-footprint Virtual Volumes for immediate access to backup data
  • Supports block, file, image, NDMP and agentless modes of backup

Data Protection backups done on time and reliably are leading data protection challenges. With the patented block-level backup technology backup times reduces by 90% and almost never have to troubleshoot a backup failure. Finally, customer’s data is reliably protected and will be there when he needs it.