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We at INTEPRO are a team that knows, uses and deploys technologies that reduce the complexity, vulnerability and cost of managing hardware devices, operating systems, IP networks, information systems, and software!

Our strong suggestion - knowledge and experience INTEPRO, combined with tehnology of industry-leading software companies, including Micro Focus, NetIQ, SUSE, Red Hat, Collabora, Catalogic Software, SSH Communications Security, Fabasoft, OneSpan (VASCO Data Security) and EfficientIP.

Implementation of IT resources and infrastructure

  • Project and technology covering the whole life cycle of resources.
  • Automation and optimization based on needs and policies.
  • Multiplatformity.

Linux openSUSE distribution - a working solution!

  • Clear European descent.
  • Unique Linux Technology.
  • Tested and optimized software distributions.
  • Reliable work, flexibility and great opportunities.

Managing IT resources. Needs - benefits

By working with us, you will be sure that:

  • Twenty years of experience matter.
  • The good interconnection between technology infrastructure and information services builds a quality more reliable work and development environment.
  • Systematic analysis, design and implementation protect resources and expand opportunities.