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Workgroup and email system

Whatever the organization's business, no matter in which area we work, we can not present the day without reviewing our mail, planning tasks, setting meetings, exchanging messages and documents. It is important for us to do everything from a distance, wherever we are and what device we use - a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

In the modern world business communications have changed. We have team members, partners, customers. A flexible solution is needed to satisfy both, users and IT security requirements, easy to use and maintain productivity.

We offer a complete teamwork solution that provides users with the capabilities of e-mail, calendar planning, messaging, management tasks, contact information management, document flow, and the ability to work in remote locations. The solution deserves the recognition of consumers and professionals for its inherent security and reliability.


  • Flexibility and mobility: access to mail at any time, anywhere, and from any device
  • Low cost and high level of data protection
  • Does not require directory services - provides access to mailboxes via desktop web browsers on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Elegant, dynamic user interface. Specialized tablet interface.
  • Automatically refresh the list of emails, calendars - gives users the ability to see their emails as soon as they arrive.
  • Easy to administer: anytime, anywhere and from any device without compromising on security
  • Remote access takes place while ensuring the level of security and the company's requirements
  • It is localized entirely in Bulgarian

Non-functional features:

  • The system can be built entirely or partially in a virtual environment that determines the full use of hardware resources and its easy expansion in the future. VMware and XEN virtualization environments are supported.
  • Multiplatform system, it can be built on both Linux and Windows servers. For better price, stability, and protection against malicious code, INTEPRO recommends building on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
  • The dedicated access client is completely free. It is also available for Windows, Linux and Mac workstations. It supports the use of both MS Word and Writer and LibreOffice Writer as an e-mail editor.
  • The system includes the ability to cluster individual or all of its components to ensure high reliability and service availability.
  • The system includes an application for real-time monitoring of all components and immediate notification of accidents.