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How it works?

The customers work with files of one or other type and when they can not access their files, they can not work. The solution we offer ensures that users always have available the files they need at any time from anywhere using any device. Files are always up to date because there is always only one version. Users can share files and even folders. They can work when and where is necessary, alone or in a group, in a secure cost-effective way, using what they already know: their personal home folders and shared network folders, their desktop directory, laptops, and mobile devices.

It is not necessary to sync and host files somewhere. All you need to do is give users the easy, anytime, and anywhere access they want. The solution provides file access and sharing from any device. Users get what they want; you remain in control of your files and security.

Basic Business Needs:

  • It has to be ensured that users can access their files from anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Reduced or eliminate the risk of using user-based or third-party cloud storage services when accessing, sharing and storing corporate files
  • Eliminate the inefficiency of sending files by e-mail, copying files to multiple directories, or storing files on multiple systems
  • Using existing storage investments wherever possible rather than to buy additional redundant storage systems
  • Centralized access management to the files

With the Mobile File Access solution:

  • Customers аre guaranteed that personal directories and work files are easily accessible from anywhere, at any time, and from any device they choose to work with.
  • Is supported the protection of these files in accordance with the established data security policies and procedures
  • Is provided quick and easy installation of the "follow me" solution as a virtual device in almost any environment.

The possibilities of the decision to help the clients:

  • Says „Yes“ to user needs for file sharing on mobile devices
  • It gives IT detailed control over how data is shared
  • Uses their local file system
  • Keeps their access rights, quotas, and archiving systems intact
  • It facilitates not only file sharing but also group work with them

The Mobile File Access solution - a new opportunity for your business

Unlike other mobile file sharing solutions, when designing this solution the enterprise has been considered. This was resulting in less administration, greater security and more productive users. It allows end users to access their personal directories and network folders from any mobile device as well as synchronize their files with their PC and Mac. They can also share their files internally and externally and comment on them.

Seven top features of the Solution:

  • It does not require agents on the file server or expansion scheme, which means quick and easy deployment
  • Supports multiple identity repositories
  • It integrates with the main file systems, so existing access controls to files and quotas can be used
  • It provides users with access to their personal directories and network resources so they can get started right away
  • Allows access to files with the actual user credentials, so that the file access audit paths remain intact
  • Provides full text search with secure access control, so users can find among the thousands of files the file they need
  • Allows users to add comments to files, minimizing the need to send files via e-mail