GroupWise 2014 Administration (3140)

In this course, you are introduced to the basic knowledge and tasks necessary to administer GroupWise 2014, including creating a GroupWise system, installing the GroupWise client, and installing the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA), and installing WebAccess and the GroupWise Calendar Server.

Duration of the course and price per student:

  • 3 days - EUR 900

Topics covered in this course include the following:

Section 1: Install and Create a GroupWise System

Section 2: Install and Explore the GroupWise 2014 Client

Section 3: Connect Directory Associations

Section 4: Perform GroupWise Administration Tasks

Section 5: Configure Maintenance

Section 6: Install and Configure the GroupWise Internet Agent

Section 7: Install, Configure and Test the GroupWise Calendar Server

Section 8: Expand a GroupWise System

Section 9: Install GroupWise 2014 WebAccess

Section 10: Install and Configure the Calendar Publishing Host

Section 11: Install and Configure GroupWise Monitor

Section 12: Upgrade to GroupWise 2014

Section 13: GroupWise Mobility Service

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