Technology for advanced access rights management, document flow and tasks

Respond at the needs from:

  • task and activity management;
  • teamwork and resource sharing;
  • organizational modeling and accountability;
  • optimal processing of working processes;
  • complete and detailed management of access rights;
  • creation, management and registration of e-files;
  • innovative web based technologies for remote and efficient work;
  • process management, corporate documents and information flows;
  • convenient and mobile work environments - stationary and portable computers, and a wide range of mobile devices.

Advanced information systems for task management, document flow and access rights meet the listed needs and bring increasing benefits!

  • Build shared information resources.
  • Enhance information security when working with data.
  • They contribute to more flexible and full use of available IT resources and equipment.
  • Facilita works and support business and public administration.

In order to respond to the complex tasks INTEPRO recommend the use of:

  • standardized European technology with a comprehensive multilingual user interface in Bulgarian, as well as in English and German languages;
  • the use of a product permitting the signing of certified digital signature resolutions to ensure the authenticity of the document;
  • a state-of-the-art system allowing confidential content exchange with other systems through standard batch exchange of documents;
  • use of a product that guarantees reliable operation under Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS servers and workstations - also convenient user access via mobile devices;
  • Implementation of a flexible modular architecture with the capability of rapid realization of small and large operating installations - block components and optimal solution functions in accordance with current standards for modern administration (ISO 15489, MoReq2, ELAK).

Our Strong Proposal:
The knowledge and experience of INTEPRO combined with Fabasoft eGov-Suite technology!

Individual environment, group communication and remote teamwork

Comfortable and reliable communication and teamwork should not be a hindrance or an obstacle!
We live in a dynamic information society that imposes ever higher demands on business communication and a true understanding - to our ability to provide reliable means of communication and convenient remote working together. End users of IT - self-employed or employees in small and large organizations often face many difficulties in their quest to be innovative to always be one step ahead of the competition.

Corporate Social Connectivity and Teamwork

  • Facilitate innovation through group collaboration!
  • Collect the right people together to create, share, discuss and manage the information!

Teamwork and Corporate Social Connectivity technologies enable you to:

  • reduce the number of e-mail attachments that only clog the system;
  • Manage document flow through team workspaces and file repositories so that never more resources are lost, forgotten, or unable to access;
  • reduce your travel and meeting costs by taking advantage of the opportunities for document co-authorship, project management, e-learning at a distance - all with minimal IT team interventions;
  • Improve the management of corporate knowledge and know-how;
  • reduce your operating costs with user-based workflows and forms that provide you with the integration and automation needed to eliminate mistakes and improve productivity.

INTEPRO presents Fabasoft eGov-Suitе
Information environment for Management and e-Business
Document management and access to team spaces for collaborative work

Fabasoft - an innovative technology company. History and development!

Fabasoft is a European innovative company established more than a quarter century ago in 1988 in Austria. Since then, Fabasoft has focused primarily on developing and developing document management software and workflows in the public sector. At present, the company has about 200 employees, over half of whom are engaged in development, and the rest are mainly consultants and maintenance specialists for already operating installations, the administration is minimal.

Fabasoft is a market leader in the development of public sector IT applications for German-speaking countries and Slovakia by introducing its current eGov-Suite solution not only in Austria, but also in a number of administrations in Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Italy, Russia, Portugal.

At the beginning of the new century, Fabasoft's unique knowledge and experience turned it into a leading developer of Austria's electronic document management system, "ELAK im Bund".

Fabasoft's solutions enable more than 12,000 users in Austria's state power to work in a unified electronic management system. Without the need for costly paper documents and optimal use of all electronic documents and information resources that are created and stored over time by any civil servant. By implementing and using connection standards and the eGov-Suite solution of Fabasoft as early as 2004, the Federal Republic of Austria implemented a live and working e-government system - the "ELAK im Bund" system. 

The "ELAK im Bund" project is recognized as a European demonstration project for the implementation of an e-government strategy and is one of the main reasons Austria is recognized as the number one in Europe in the field of eGovernment applications.

The Federal Ministries in Austria have been creating and managing their documents electronically since 2004.

As a software vendor, Fabasoft is responsible for product upgrading and its adaptation, including locating the product when deployed in other countries. Cities in Europe, offices in Slovenia and two-thirds of all federal authorities in Switzerland also use Fabasoft eGov-Suite.


Решението eGov-Suite на Fabasoft
оптимизира работата на публичната администрация

Personal Computer World

Информационни системи за
отдалечена работа на Fabasoft

Работещи решения за дистанционна екипна работа, електронно управление на документи и съвременна държавна администрация

Personal Computer World

Fabasoft eGov-Suite
Практика със системата

Personal Computer World

Fabasoft eGov-Suite
Практика със системата, част II