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INTEPRO - a working team for your business

The company has 22 years of experience in building reliable technology solutions - innovative projects, training of staff and support for corporate IT resources and systems.

We at INTEPRO are a technology company, a center for system integration and technology training, specialize in IT and information systems. Since 2000, INTEPRO is the only Novell and Micro Focus certified training center to conduct courses for the Micro Focus product lines in Bulgaria.

We at INTEPRO are a dynamic company with young professionals and people with years of experience in deploying IT systems. Our team includes professionals with recognized professional certifications.

We have established long-standing partnerships with industry-leading software vendors, including Micro Focus, SUSE, Red Hat, Collabora, Catalogic Software, SSH Communications Security, Fabasoft, OneSpan (VASCO Data Security) and EfficientIP.

We implement reliable information technology!
Complex technology solutions for you and your partners!

  • Managing incidents and security events.
  • Design and construction of information systems and web portals.
  • IS for document flow management and mobile working groups.
  • Management and security of terminal devices.
  • Reservation and recovery of IS and data.
  • Managing Identities and Accesses.
  • Strict and one-time authentication.
  • IPAM-DNS-DHCP-NTP-TFTP services.
  • Document Management.
  • Virtualization.

We design, build and maintain enterprise solutions:

  • Enhancing your security;
  • Facilitating your work;
  • Improving the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

Our Business Offer!
The knowledge and experience of INTEPRO,
combined with working technologies at reasonable prices.

Specialization: We at INTEPRO are a team that focuses not on the rapid sale of licenses, but on the realization and delivery of reliable solutions.