INTEPRO - 21 years of work and development

Effectively working high-return IT solutions.
Managed and secure information resources and systems.
The constantly high quality of delivered solutions and services.

Successful technologies for eBusiness and eGovernment.

  • Partnership.
  • Experience, rationality, reliability.
  • Technological analysis and consultation.
  • Design of Information Infrastructure.
  • Construction of Web Portals and Information Systems.
  • Virtualization. Data Protection and Reservation. IS management.
  • Тechnical support.

IT training

  • The only authorized Micro Focus training center in Bulgaria.
  • Intense and accurate focused training.
  • Acquiring experience in laboratory environment.

Talk to us about all the issues you care about.
ake advantage of our experience and technical knowledge.

INTEPRO presents Fabasoft eGov-Suitе
Information environment for Management and e-Business
Document management and access to team spaces for collaborative work

Smart Cities,
Sofia, Bulgaria 16-18 April 2018, Inter Expo Center

INTEPRO and „National Cluster for Intelligent Transport and Energy Systems (NCITES)“

Our know-how and business proposition!

  • Implementation of efficient information technologies.
  • Providing the best conditions to our customers.
  • Building working solutions that quickly rebuild your investment.
  • Everyday work to satisfy the high trust of our customers and partners.

We at INTEPRO are a team that understands well that each organization strives to reduce the challenges and minimize the cost of solving them. That is why in our work we choose to rely on expertise and development.