Meteorological measuring system ASPires-GEO

Provides measurement, accumulation, and publisher of data in a private cloud. Access to the system and data may be via a secure channel or through a public web site.

One or multiple measurement points may be included in the system.
Each of them can measure and accumulate data on: temperature, humidity, air pressure, barometric pressure, dew point, instantaneous and average wind speed, mean and main wind direction. If necessary, measur- ing sensors for rainfall and solar radiation (UV sensor and Lux sensor) can be added.

Building a secure private cloud provides:

  • High level of data protection;
  • Technology for free deployment and upgrade of the system;
  • Wide opportunities for integration and integration into other systems for specialized surveillance and prevention.

The proposed meteorological metering system can also provide a constant flow of information - 365x24 min.

The measurement data obtained can be used both for professional research analysis and to import accurate and up-to-date meteorological information into other specialized information systems. For example, in:

  • Fire Detection and Prevention System;
  • Agricultural information systems;
  • Tourist information systems;
  • Wind and solar park management systems;
  • Systems for protection against disasters and floods.

ASPires Project - early warning system for forest fires

Forest fires are one of the main risks to nature and protected forest areas. The early detection of fire, minimizes damage and protects the environment. The ASPires project is developing a new model of an information system for early detection, monitoring and forecasting of forest fires in areas of particular importance, ensure high accuracy of the fire hazard assessment.

The ASPires project
presents Mr. Boris Popov,

Chairman of the Managing Board of the National Cluster for Intelligent Transport and Energy Systems (NCITES)

"In May 2017, we joined an international consortium that to set up a model for an early warning system in the presence of forest fires. That's how we started working on the ASPires system, which combines and integrates all current technical means for early detection of fires that are available and available on the European.

The ASPires project is run by the Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany.
The project also includes:
The Macedonian Military Academy
Bulgarian companies ICB, Comicon.

The project ends in April 2019.
More information on our participation and the current status of the project can be found on the website "