The best way to protect your passwords is to get rid of them.


Innovations and sustainability

We use and implement technological solutions that reduce the complexity, vulnerability and cost of managing information resources, servers, networks and systems. When designing and building our solutions, we are guided by the goals set by the client and our experience in order to realize the professionally set tasks within the planned time and the set budget.

Optimal IT solutions for businesses

The leading companies in the IT market offer various technologies. We integrate the best of different technology platforms to get a single, centrally managed information system.

Managed and secure information resources and systems

The world is dynamic. Security criteria change daily. In our solutions we use technologies that allow high reliability in operation and of course maintenance. Our partnerships with the world's leading IT manufacturers allow us to maintain your systems at a level that meets global standards.

Constantly high quality of the delivered services

We are a team of highly qualified engineers and specialists. INTEPRO Solutions is Authorized Training Center of Micro Focus. We also conduct specialized training tailored to specific projects and customer requirements.